Bring issues from your retrospective into GitHub

Conduct powerful guided retrospectives with Parabol, then add follow-up issues in GitHub without ever leaving the meeting. 

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Decide on next steps during your sprint retrospective

Decide on follow-up tasks during your agile sprint retrospective

Parabol lets engineering teams hold engaging retrospective meetings through anonymous reflections, multi-player grouping and voting, and guided discussions. Choose from retrospective templates based on best practices or customize your own to suit your team’s needs. 

During your guided discussion, collaboratively decide on next steps – capture bugs, feature requests or needed research. 


Send tasks to GitHub without leaving your meeting

Send tasks from Parabol to Github without leaving a retrospective

Many leading teams have a GitHub workflow to manage backlogs, plan sprints and log issues. As a fully-distributed team building an open-source project, we use GitHub at Parabol to do just this – check out our backlog

Avoid managing multiple tools or relying on notes in another tool – create GitHub issues during your sprint retro so they’re ready to be prioritized for an upcoming sprint. Send any card in any view – during a meeting or from your Dashboard – to GitHub. 


Select the GitHub repository and include a title and description

If you’re managing multiple repositories, you can select the right one when publishing an issue. This works for both private and public repositories. 

You can also include additional details on the issue. By default, the first line of your Parabol card will be the title of the issue.  On the task card in Parabol, press shift + enter to break a line and start the description. 

Once you migrate the card from Parabol to GitHub, it’ll be read-only. This means changes can only be made in GitHub, sidestepping the problem of different changes in different tools.  

In future retrospective or team check-in meetings, you can see which tasks are managed in GitHub, and click through to see what progress you’ve made since your last meeting.  


Let GitHub manage issues - use Parabol to power up meetings 

Tasks sent to GitHub display in your team's dashboard for future retrospective and check-in meetings

GitHub lets agile teams manage their code, but doesn’t provide tools to run retrospectives – a critical component of a healthy team and continuous improvement. 

With Parabol, you can raise the bar for sprint retros and also bring your new powerful insights into your GitHub Issue backlog. Make retrospectives a natural part of your GitHub workflow.


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