Integrating with GitHub

Parabol is the unified dashboard for all disciplines. We connect technical tools across all departments, and many digital product teams are shipping code on GitHub.

How It Works

Users can create issues for a GitHub repository using Parabol cards. Currently, cards become read-only. Soon we’ll be adding two-way sync where users can edit issue content from GitHub or Parabol.

Adding GitHub is Simple

1. Visit Team Settings

From any Team Board, go to the Integrations tab in Team Settings and tap “Link to GitHub”

2. Authorize GitHub

Allow Parabol to connect to your GitHub account…

3. Select a repository

Choose a repository where your team collaborates. You’ll be able to create issues for this repository from Parabol cards in the meeting and dashboard views.

4. Tap the Octocat!

Whenever a card represents work to be done as a GitHub issue (such as a bug, or feature request), tap the GitHub icon on the card and select the repository where the issue is to be created. Integrated issue cards are read-only, but soon we plan to ship two-way editing, where you can update the issue from GitHub or Parabol.