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remote office setup

This week, we published our guide for adapting to remote work. With so many people trying remote work for the first time, we wanted to share our practical experience on working remotely as a team.

We wrote about…

  • Communicating effectively
  • How to stay emotionally connected to teammates
  • Setting up your remote-work environment

…and more.

These are trying times and we’re all in this together. Together, we’ll make it through and I hope we can help.


parabol metrics graph

Big changes to the metrics this week! We caught a human error in our analytics dashboard where we were mistakenly gathering website hits instead of sessions. Luckily for us, we watch “Website New Users” as our primary metric on the top-of-funnel, so we wouldn’t have changed any decisions we made, but it does mean our historical graphs are inaccurate.

In other news, a big usage spike this week. Two firsts: more than 1,000 users signed up in a single week (1,244) and more than 500 meetings were run (513). We suspect that this increase in usage may be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many teams working fully remotely for the first time and finding they need software to replace their conference rooms.

This week we…

added to the product backlog several items generated from interviewing users. We’ve written before how Parabol collects feedback and turns this into changes within the product.

kicked off a round of meeting UX exploration. We’re looking to validate a few concepts including a big feature—inline video conferencing within our app—and a smaller, requested improvement, the ability for participants to indicate they’re ready to move on to the next part of the meeting. These and a number of other enhancements in the queue all have an impact on our meeting IA, so we’re exploring both deep and wide at the same time to understand the emerging UX.

parabol video UX exploration

Next week we’ll…

conduct several more candidate interviews.

launch a program to help teams turned remote from the health pandemic.

wrap up sprint 52.

Have feedback? See something that you like or something you think could be better? Leave a public response here, or write to us.