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#337 – Meeting in Mallorca

Friday Ship #337 | March 3rd, 2023

Part of Parabol's Growth Team

This week the growth team reflected on our second retreat, in Mallorca, Spain.

Those of us from cold climates got to see the sun, and we all enjoyed getting to know each other more deeply by working face-to-face, sharing meals, and exploring together. Marketing, data, design and sales explored growth loops, processes and goals for our marketing website, and how the entire team could support sales goals. We came away with demos, proposals for new processes, and plans for new projects and experiments.

Demo of a concept to share retrospective topics in Slack

There was another element, though, that stood out as different from any retreat we had been on before – teammates prioritizing their mental health. We saw members:

  • Opting out of the retreat
  • Changing plans to have a night in with housemates
  • Setting boundaries on evening social time
  • Passing on activities when socially overwhelmed

At Parabol, retreats are not mandatory fun time. As we grow and connect more deeply, we’re becoming more vulnerable with each other. We’re seeing each person create the culture they need to thrive, and with each change another member feels empowered to do the same.

Photos of the growth team exploring Mallorca

This retreat created an environment where teammates can be themselves, paving the way for more meaningful interactions while we were face-to-face before we go back to our remote, distributed locations.


Parabol Core metrics for March 3, 2023

This week we’re green across the board!

This week we…

worked towards adding filters to the meetings dashboard. A side project by Enrique and Bruce, we’re excited to see this in action

Demo gif of filtering meetings by team

held our first engineering roundtable. Engineers shared demos of new changes and an overview of A/B testing

pushed forward on work from the retreat.

Next week we’ll…

finish up sprint 117

Have feedback? See something that you like or something you think could be better? Please write to us.

Alicia Cressall

Alicia Cressall

Alicia is a designer with a passion for systems design and accessibility. In previous roles, she has enjoyed building user research practices, tackling front-end systems, and mentoring junior designers. Alicia lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

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