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This week, we have little to say. With events sparked by the hateful killing of George Floyd, for once it felt right to leave more room for other voices.

[for those new here, normally we share our most important accomplishment or learning at the top of each Friday Ship post]


friday ship metrics graphs for June 6, 2020

We passed 50,000 registered users this week. Mid-funnel metrics were up slightly over the past weeks.

This week we…

designed a new way to confirm one-way moves in meetings. What is live in production isn’t performing the way we intended. We heard it was too easy to advance or end the meeting prematurely. We went back to the drawing board to create a clear way for folks to confirm that they want to move on or end a meeting. With recent changes, we’ve heard the opposite, that folks didn’t know how to end their meetings. Here’s what we’re planning to ship and test soon.

established a new process for distributed inbound sales leads. With the growth of our sales team and the continued high volume of inbound leads, it became apparent that new governance needed to be established around lead distribution. A regular cadence has been set-up and new workflows are currently being built to automate the process. This should ensure that all qualified leads are identified and follow-up on more quickly and effectively.

published a new page highlighting our Check-In Meeting format. Alongside Retrospective meetings, Parabol also facilitates what we believe is the ultimate team meeting format. With icebreakers, individual updates, a shared collaborative agenda, and integrations with tools like Jira and GitHub, Check-In Meetings help teams improve more quickly. This page showcases everything we’ve built into this format to make it so powerful.

published a big resource of 100+ icebreaker questions. We’ve waxed poetically about the importance of icebreakers quite a bit recently (and there’s more coming!), so we wanted a one-stop-shop filled with more icebreaker ideas than a team could reasonably get through. This is our unreasonably large list of great questions to ask.

…we kicked off Sprint 58. We’re focused on designing our next meeting type and fixing up some of the most common bugs folks encounter in the product.

Next week we’ll…

test out recent changes to our analytics collection methods. We made some changes that should make it easier to segment our userbase into different groups to better serve them. After a few days, we’ll see if the data quality is good or will need some adjustments. Fingers crossed

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