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Team members are on equal footing during retrospective meetings


For All Kinds of Teams

Remote or In-Person

Whether you need to include remote employees, collaborate across distributed offices, or just want to conduct a debrief without sticky notes: Parabol is a retrospective meeting tool designed to put participants on equal footing, and guide teams through the best retrospective meeting experience of their lives.

Together or Async

Parabol retrospective meetings can be run together, or configured to gather feedback over a long period of time.

Realtime & Fun

We believe software should be fun to use, and that collaboration software should be, well, collaborative! Parabol allows you to do everything together: drag/drop/group tasks, vote, edit, and more.

Peers can stand their ground during retrospective meetings


Enterprise Infosec Approved

Enterprise-Ready Terms

Our privacy policy and terms of service have been vetted by some of the largest, most influential organizations on the planet.

Public or Private Hosting

Parabol’s multi-tenant cloud supports Enterprise Single Sign-On and SAML. If your organization requires more control over its environment, we’re happy to host a private instance, or help you set up a local, private instance.

Open-Source & Secure

Parabol is open-source and its source code is scrutinized by our growing online community of developers. Our security disclosure program ensures we stay in front of potential risks to user security.

Integrate your retrospective meeting insights with your other tools


Integrates with Your Tools

Create Tasks Where People Work

It’s hard to agree on a single platform for collaboration, and nobody wants yet another tool to check constantly. We think folks should work in the software purpose-built for each discipline. That’s why tasks created in Parabol can be published to GitHub, Jira, and an ever-expanding set of other integrations.

Works with Slack

Add the Slack integration to your Parabol team to notify teammates when meetings begin, or that it’s time to take action. Automatically distribute meeting summaries when the meeting ends.

Follow-up on retrospective meetings with summaries


Meeting Summaries & Follow-Up

Keep Folks in the Loop

At the end of every Parabol meeting, an automatic summary is generated and added to the team’s timeline. Summaries are great for catching up if folks are out of the office, for whipping up quarterly reports, or for sharing team momentum and improvement.

Drive Accountability with Check-In Meetings

Parabol does more than just retrospectives. Parabol’s Check-In Meetings kill bad stand-up and status meetings. Breeze through what’s changed, step through an agenda built by everybody, and publish tasks to the system you use to get your work done.

Built for Agile Ceremonies