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Remote Collaboration for Marketing Teams

Make Remote Meetings Fun & Productive

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Start Projects on the Same Page

Get your team aligned from the start – before you write a single word. 

Project Kickoffs: Gather anonymous feedback on expectations, concerns and needs from stakeholders and teammates. Find patterns, and decide together how to move forward. 

Prioritization: Let every team member rate potential tactics or strategies on the scale that matters to you – impact, effort, alignment to strategy or anything else! Then, discuss the differences and decide what to do. 

Stakeholder Brainstorming: Bring key people to the table right from the start, by gathering their ideas for campaigns early. See where there’s alignment, and decide which to pursue.

Stay Connected Along the Way

Once you start, make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Pulse Check: Ask team mates how they feel about progress on a campaign, project or tactic. Then, get a quantitative sense of how it’s going, before it ever launches. 

Team Check-in: Start with an icebreaker, then share individual updates on your work. Build a shared agenda, tackle the questions that matter most and resolve issues.

Review Feedback Together

When feedback starts coming in, find trends and decide what to do next. 

Client Feedback: Add in feedback from clients and figure out the themes with your team. Then, vote on which matter, and choose what to focus on. 

Customer or market research: Gather reactions from social media, reviews, focus groups, or research studies, then bring it all together in one place to figure out what it all means.

Finish Strong & Celebrate Success

Finish off a project or quarter by looking at the bigger picture. 

Team Ratings: Go back to your goals, and assess how well you achieved them.  

Lessons Learned or Post-Mortem: Gather thoughts from the team about how a project went, and what could’ve gone better. Define next steps for areas that fell short. 

Quarterly or OKR Review: Prompt team to review work over a longer period, including key objectives, results, big successes or ideas to try next. Group them into themes, and choose which to discuss and act on.

Improve Your Process for Next Time

Join with your team and reflect on how you work together.

Think about what you could do better. Let team members voice concerns, resolve problems, and improve their processes.

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