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Better Meetings, Less Effort

Help your team connect, reflect, and progress with less up-front meeting prep and more fun

Built to make your meetings worth the time invested

Estimation Meeting

Using our Sprint Poker templates, you can run: Estimation meetings, Team Health Check, Project Prioritization, and Decision Making Processes.


Using our Retrospective templates, you can run: Sprint retrospectives, Brainstormings, Pre-mortems / Post-mortems, Feedback sessions, Exit interviews, OKRs review, Team retreat planning, and Hiring progress review.

Team Check-In

Using our Check-In template, you can run: Team check-in meetings, 1:1s, and Project Follow-ups.

Commit to Better Performance Today

Save meeting prep time, get everyone talking and evolve as a team – all in one tool. Parabol is free for up to 2 teams. Yup, totally free. From Parabol with love.

Go beyond a digital whiteboard or project board

Build team camaraderie
Get your whole team engaged with icebreakers, emoji, multi-player grouping, and other playful interactions.

Focus on the discussion
Cut down on prep and wasted time. Built-in structure keeps meeting moving so you can focus on your team.

Get everyone’s input
Create a safe space and put everyone on equal footing: contributions and voting are anonymous by design.

Everything your team needs for effective meetings

Each meeting type comes with a toolkit of features to get your team talking, bias for action, and drive continuous improvement.

FeaturesParabolVirtual WhiteboardProject Management Tool
Pre-build retro templatespurple checkmark
Timerpurple checkmark
Facilitated Icebreakerpurple checkmark
Check-Inspurple checkmark
40+ Meeting Templatespurple checkmark
Integrationspurple checkmark
CSV Exportpurple checkmark

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Parabol enables us to run smooth retros with our remote teams.

“Parabol enables us to run smooth retros with our remote teams and customize the flow to our specific needs. While we initially adopted Parabol for our Retros, mainly with our offsite teams, we quickly ended up using it for various other purposes, such as Lean Coffee, even in onsite meetings.”

François Biron

Senior Manager, Application Development at SSENSE

I’ve had no issue using this tool with a room full of execs.

“Parabol helps bring structure to my meetings, providing an easy platform to solicit feedback and, more importantly, follow up on action items after the fact. My favorite part might be the low barrier to entry. I’ve had no issue using this tool with a room full of execs.”

Ben Norman

Ben Norman

Director of Consulting Services, Sana Sano Consulting

Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work.

“Parabol has made our retrospectives so much smoother. Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work.”

Jean Snow

Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Ubisoft

The meeting basically runs itself.

“The meeting basically runs itself – allowing facilitators to focus on the content of the conversations and driving forward the conversation. An invaluable tool.”

Jack Saxton

Jack Saxton

Scrum Master at Hudl

Parabol's 5 star rating on G2
Parabol's badge for a 2021 leader on G2
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