Parabol for Startups

A new way to manage growth, expansion, and teaming.

Startups need cost-effective collaboration solutions that accommodate team growth and company evolution, and that respond as rapidly as modern business conditions shift.

Bring founders, new hires, contractors, consultants, and advisors together in a single dashboard where deliverables can be tracked, summarized, and shared. Use Parabol's powerful team meeting and prioritization process to improve transparency, autonomy, accountability, and efficiency.

How It Works (pdf)

NEW: Slack and GitHub integrations available now; Trello on deck.



Powerful Project Dashboards


Teammates work from a single daily "inbox” to triage incoming work requests between meetings, which improves communication, autonomy, and alignment.


Engaging Multiplayer Meetings


Maximize your team meetings with an embedded process to quickly review and get help, which improves accountability, tracking of collective goals, and responsiveness to rapidly shifting demands.

Integrate, Meet, Move Ahead

Integrate, Meet, Move Ahead


Teams have many tools, but only one set of priorities. Parabol allows project management tools to "talk" to each other across disciplines. New features and integrations are under development every day. Need a feature? Tell us.  


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