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Rapidly deploy team projects, eliminate politics, and GSD.

See what Parabol can do for your team in just one semester:

“Since we started using Parabol, we've had a much easier time tracking to our objectives and holding each other accountable. And frankly, our meetings have been a lot more enjoyable.”Adam Pisoni | Founder & CEO @ Abl Schools


Parabol is a non-hierarchical way to launch and manage rapid-cycle projects while juggling multiple teams, classes, and timetables. Unify new collaborators in a single dashboard where deliverables are clearly defined, easily assigned, and collectively tracked.

Best of all: our basic service is free, including unlimited Action Meetings and 3 free Retrospectives. Free Personal accounts are great for teams collaborating for less than 12 months.


How It Works

Our Retrospective Meetings help your team evaluate the big picture, while our Action Meetings improve daily and weekly operations. Watch this video to learn how Team Dashboards work acrossand in between—both meeting types.

Multiplayer team meetings

Shared Prioritization Meetings

Maximize your team meetings with an embedded process to quickly review and get help, which improves accountability, tracking of collective goals, and responsiveness to rapidly shifting demands.

Powerful project dashboard

Shared Context

Teams have many tools, but only one set of priorities. Teammates work from a single "inbox” to triage incoming requests from multiple sources and authorities, which improves communication, autonomy, and accountability. Minimize group admin, while maximizing delivery and individual alignment.


Download our "Parabol 101" to share and discuss with your team, then sign up for Facilitation or Coaching, or go ahead and Get Started on your own.


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