Parabol for Change Agents

Unlock a powerful, agile new way of working

“Parabol transformed our organization. We needed a strong platform to lead us out of the ingrained hierarchical mindset. This was the change of scenery we needed, to show that things were going to be different.”  Megan Sheridan | Program Mentor @ iMatter


Introducing an organization to a new way of working doesn't have to be difficult. Parabol gently introduces new concepts like iterating on a plan, public project ownership, and facilitated meetings. It's perfect for teams picking up Agile concepts for the first time. 


How It Works

Watch the video to the left to learn how Parabol's Dashboard and Meeting process improve team collaboration. Click here to download a PDF to share and discuss with your team.

Multiplayer team meetings

Build An Agile Teaming Rhythm

Invite your teammates to a facilitated, non-technical scrum meeting. Review progress, collaboratively build an agenda, and create a forward plan.

Powerful project dashboard

A Unified Dashboard for All

Stay organized and encourage team transparency with Parabol's powerful dashboard. When a meeting concludes, new tasks are tracked as cards. Flag them with user @mentions, or mark them as #private. Get notified when a task is stuck or completed. Plus, the dashboard synchronizes with other tools.


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