Getting Started


So you'd like to kick the tires on your own? No problemo!

1. Create A Free Account

Go to and select “Get Started”, then name your first team. (If you’re just exploring, try naming it Demo, or just Your Name--because Parabol also works great for personal or family projects!)

2. Invite Your First Team

Enter the email addresses for the folks on your first team. When you're done, you’ll be redirected to your team’s new Project Board.

3. Populate Your Project Board

Team Project Boards lets you see what everybody's working on at-a-glance. To get started, try the 2 months-2 weeks-2 days process:

  • What goals do you want the team to reach in 4 months? (Assign to “Future”)
  • What do you need to do in the next 4 weeks & 4 days to reach those goals? (Assign to “Active” or “Stuck”)


  • WYSIWYG editing is available for bold (CMND+B), italic (CMND+I), links (CMND+K), etc.
  • Typing #private on a card will make the card visible only to you on your team's Dashboard – it's great for keeping clutter off the board for personal tasks.

4. Schedule Your First Meeting

The Parabol Action Meeting is a 30-min daily or weekly ritual to keep your team in sync. From any team’s Project Board, team members can start or join a meeting via the “Meeting Lobby” link. The first person to hit “Start Meeting” will be the Facilitator, and all team members’ screens are automatically tethered to the Facilitator’s view as they click through the steps—great for keeping remote teams on the (literal) same page. Parabol is entirely multiplayer: feel free to type or interact with the process at any time, and your teammates will see your changes in real-time. Reach out if you'd like a free demo or facilitation session!

5. Keep It Up

After completing your first Check-In Meeting, encourage your team to keep your shared Project Board up-to-date between meetings. Then create a new habit by scheduling a recurring 30-min Check-In Meeting every day or week, as-needed.

PRO TIP: paste the Meeting Lobby link in a weekly calendar invite for fast access. Monday or Tuesday mornings are a great way to kickstart your week.

6. Stay In Touch

We’re all ears over here! Never hesitate to reach out: