Parabol for Nonprofits

Transparency and accountability across all programs.

Nonprofit and NGO leaders need a nimble, cost-effective way to easily prioritize and coordinate across programs and field locations.

Bring program leadership, project coordinators, administrators, field staff, and consultants together in a single dashboard where deliverables can be tracked, summarized, and shared.

Use Parabol's powerful team meeting and prioritization process to improve transparency, autonomy, accountability, and efficiency.

Coming Soon: integrations with Slack, Trello, and more.

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Powerful project dashboard


Teammates work from a single "inbox” to triage incoming work requests from multiple sources and tools, which improves communication, autonomy, and alignment.


Multiplayer meeting


Reinvent your team meetings with a ritual to review and get help, which improves accountability, tracking of collective goals, and responsiveness to shifting demands.


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Parabol is getting better every day, and integrations are under development. Want a feature? Tell us.  We're also open-source with an active development community.