PARABOL: Software for Distributed Teams

Sharing an office isn't the only way to share context.

Create culture and prioritize tasks across multiple time zones. Parabol is perfect for distributed and remote teams. In just 30 minutes, share accomplishments, make a plan, and take on the world together—even if you're a world apart. Parabol makes remote teams work.




Click the video to the left to see Parabol in action. Learn how its Dashboard and Meeting process encourage remote team collaboration.


Fun Multiplayer Meetings

Awesome Remote Team Meetings

Give your team a collaborative space to meet in, review progress, process agenda items, assign tasks to help one another, and develop a new plan. Parabol's meeting process makes sure everybody gets a turn to speak and gets their needs met.


Powerful Project Dashboards

SHARED Context

The output from the meeting automatically updates the team's Dashboard. See clearly what you are accountable for. Learn at a glance the state of the team. Easily queue up agenda items to be discussed at the next meeting.

Integrate, Meet, Move Ahead

Integrate, Meet, Move Ahead


Parabol enables a team to work in Plan-Do-Measure cadence, easily. Parabol also works across existing productivity tools. New features and integrations are under development every day. Need a feature? Tell us.  

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