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Agile Retrospectives

How to Kick-Start a Habit of Regular Retrospectives

Agile teams around the world understand how quickly small incremental changes every sprint can add up to huge improvements in team performance.

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Agile Retrospectives

Who Attends Sprint Retrospective Meetings?

Whether remote or in-office, sprint retrospectives are the only agile meetings that are explicitly about improving processes as a team. But who attend...

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Remote Work Meetings

Facilitation Techniques for Better Remote Meetings

Meetings are a valuable time for teams to brainstorm, solve problems, and connect as humans. But if they aren’t facilitated properly they can also be ...

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Remote Work

How to Build Psychological Safety in Remote Teams

Psychological safety is critical for team cohesion, honest feedback, and productivity. But remote work makes it much harder to achieve. Despite the fr...

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Agile Retrospectives

Sprint Reviews vs Sprint Retrospectives for Remote Teams

Even the smartest people in the world can fall into the chaos of long, useless meetings when they lack the right processes for effective collaboration...

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Reflections from multiple team members

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