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New Features Backlog Refinement

New: Estimate GitHub Issues with Remote Planning Poker™

Parabol was built completely in the open using GitHub. Every new idea starts as a discussion. We pick the most compelling ideas and turn them into iss...

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Upgrading our React app to GraphQL Relay Hooks

We’ve been on a forked version of Relay v8 for a couple years. While the new versions had some neat features, nothing really compelled us to upgrade u...

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Nesting GitHub’s API in your GraphQL Schema

GraphQL is great. Every GraphQL endpoint agrees to speak the same language of {data, errors} and that makes communication between servers easy. Now su...

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New Features Retrospective Templates Agile Retrospectives

New: Color-code reflections in sprint retros

Stop lights. Poisonous frogs. Moldy bread. Every day, colors help direct our attention so we can make smarter decisions. In our digital lives, they pl...

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New Features

New: I'm ready already

In developing our free, online retrospective tool, we’re working towards an exciting and ambitious mission: to make every meeting worth the time inves...

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New Features Agile Retrospectives

New: Customize voting settings for more effective retrospectives

The sprint retrospective format - which is built-in to Parabol - follows a standard process to facilitate productive team discussions:

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Agile Retrospectives

5 Easy Tips for Perfectly Sized Remote Retrospectives

With the advent of web conferencing software and shared documents, many of the barriers to running a great agile retrospective are gone:

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Reflections from multiple team members

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