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How to Design Inclusive Meetings for Introverts

Introverts are estimated to make up somewhere between 25-50% of the population. And while it’s always tempting to think in binaries, introversion and ...

Remote Work

17 Work Habits All Teams Should Adopt From Remote Work

For teams around the world, 2020 fundamentally changed perspectives on how (and where) work can be accomplished.

New Features

New: Sprint Poker

Parabol was founded with the commitment to help teams find more meaningful ways of working together. Our team began on that journey by building a tool...

Agile Retrospectives

How to Counter Recency Bias in Your Sprint Retrospectives

Have you ever been in a sprint retrospective where the most recent bits of work just feel like the most important ones to discuss? If that sounds fami...

Remote Work

23 Untranslatable Words to Help You Work Smarter

There are some words that simply defy translation. They speak to something deeper and more soulful, something specific in the experience of the cultur...

Remote Work

8 Icebreaker Game Ideas for Remote Teams

Starting your meeting with an icebreaker is a great way to get everyone talking.

Retrospective Templates

5 Sprint Retrospective Ideas for the Year End

December is a month for family, celebration and good cheer. It’s also a month where people start looking back and thinking about how it all went. For ...

Agile Retrospectives Remote Work

8 Sprint Retrospective Games for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Retrospectives offer a precious moment for teams to come together, slow down for a second, and think deeply about their work. But they are also a powe...

Icebreaker Questions: Why They Matter

When you think of icebreakers, what comes to mind?  Unfortunately, for me, it’s often awkward events or team-building activities where a plucky facili...

Remote Work

How Scrum Masters Can Solve Remote Work Challenges

Srum Masters have to wear many different hats in their day to day work 🎩 Not only are they agile gurus, instilling Scrum values and processes in thei...

Customer story

How Secret Escapes Built Team Resilience with Parabol

The tourism industry is expected to take over $1 trillion in economic damage due to the covid-19 global pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped Product Mana...

Backlog Refinement

8 Agile Estimation Techniques to Try With your Team

The ability to plan ahead is what sets humans apart from all other species.