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Fresh Retrospective Ideas for New Agile Teams

Running your first retrospective with a new agile team can be daunting.

Agile Retrospectives

8 Facilitator Pro-Tips for Fun & Effective Sprint Retrospectives

Ask a group of developers what their last retrospective was like, and you might be in for a bland and uninspiring set of answers:


How to Structure Meetings to Solve the Struggles of Remote Work

This year, tens of millions of workers around the world did something for the first time. They completed an entire week of work, all from their own ho...

Agile Retrospectives

Post-mortems vs Retrospectives: What’s the Difference?

Picture this. After months of work, you’re done. Your big feature or project has been released, customers are reaping the rewards of your work and you...

New Features Retrospective Templates Agile Retrospectives

New: Share Custom Templates with your Organization or the World! 🌍

Parabol comes with five retrospective templates out of the box, but we’ve heard from you that folks want to share Retro templates with other teams in ...


How we ran a qualitative research study remotely without losing our minds

For several years now, we’ve been helping agile teams conduct powerful retrospective meetings across the bounds of space and timezones.

Meetings are great: the benefits of intentional synchronous time

It was a crisp fall morning, and I was filled with nerves and enthusiasm about the impending challenge: my first day at a new company. Unfortunately, ...

New Features Agile Retrospectives

New: Discussion Threads for Retrospectives

With the whole world trying remote work on a previously unimaginable scale, interest in asynchronous communication has spiked. We're a fully distribut...

Everyone is remote sometimes: 5 questions for remote success

A few years ago, I was managing an engineering lead who was leading a team through a big transformation – starting to work with designers, moving to a...